About Us

Who Are We?

Cedar Glade Brews started from homebrewer’s passion of four friends, Jerremy, Skip, Jonathan, and Elicia, their love for making craft beer caused them to open one of the best Nano breweries in Murfreesboro, TN. We opened doors in 2021 and have continuously strived to brew quality, delicious beers.

About Us

All breweries have stories behind  on how they were launched, and we are no different. Our name traces its roots back to the name given to a global unique habitat in Central Middle Tennessee called a Cedar Glade. Cedar Glades are characterized by large surface areas of exposed limestone surrounded by cedar trees. They are almost desert-like in their environmental and flora conditions. Cedar glades are extremely hot during the day and are home to other species like the limestone fame flower, prickly pear cactus, savory, glade, and more.  They are unique to Middle Tennessee and much more complex than what your eye initially sees.

Cedar Glade Brews shares the same uniqueness. Our brew masters are unique to Middle TN and create irresistible, great beers.  We pride ourselves in complexity and having more quality ingredients to our beer than what you first see.

Our brewmasters, Skip and Jerremy, started homebrewing as one of their favorite hobbies as homeowners many years ago. And as the cliché goes, the rest is history. Driven by their love for good locally crafted beer, the duo utilized their garage spaces as factories for making great beers. Whether on holidays or weekends, Jerremy and Skip worked passionately to hone the demands of their brewing craft. In 2019, they met two other like-minded partners, Elicia Fortner and Jonathan Harmon at a local fundraising event. The four friends created a business partnership by combining vision, ambition, brewing knowledge, and their love for beer.  We agreed to form a business partnership and share our love for locally crafted beer with the world. And that’s how the Cedar Glade Brews was formed! We care about making great beers for the awesome people of Middle Tennessee.


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